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Live Wild & Prosper this CNY

14 Jan - 20 Feb 2022

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger in a meaningful way!



The Malayan tiger is an iconic symbol of our national pride but sadly it is deemed now critically endangered and on the verge of extinction.

This Chinese New Year at Kwai Chai Hong, we want to draw a meaningful connection with the Year of the Tiger by supporting WWF-Malaysia's tiger conservation efforts!

The festive art installation brings together 2 passionate local artists who were inspired by the majestic Malayan tiger and elements of the Chinese culture that is deeply rooted in our community.

We hope to inspire action from everyone to participate in this urgent call for help to save the Malayan tiger - right here, right now!

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Artist Alice Chang presents the "Malayan Tiger Family" sculpture

Alice once again puts her artistic skills behind a noble cause, creating The Malayan Tiger Family sculptures. Her intention is pure and simple. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Malayan Tiger Family sculptures will be donated to WWF-Malaysia's tiger conservation efforts!

"I hope the Malayan Tiger Family will bring good health, resilience, happiness, and strong family unity to everyone, especially the Malayan tiger."


The Malayan Tiger Family is on display at Kwai Chai Hong from now until 20 Feb 2022. Interested to own this work of art for a good cause? WhatsApp us now.

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Artist Odd presents Stretch Out, an installation inspired by traditional Chinese Papercut

A musician and an artist known for his avant-garde style lycra fabric installation, Odd fuses the ancient Art of Chinese Papercut into his forte of Stretch Fabric. 

"This collaboration allows me to interact with the structures, trees, and grounds within Kwai Chai Hong. I love blending old and new techniques - ancient Chinese Papercut represented on stretched fabric. The outcome is simply SPECTACULAR!"

Mimicking the concept of Chinese Papercut, Odd showcases his work snipping and stretching fabrics in red and white.


Here's what you can do to
Help Save the Malayan Tiger

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Avoid any products containing parts of tigers and other protected wildlife, and report any illegal wildlife trade to MYCAT’s Wildlife Crime Hotline at +6019-356 4194.


This is the most crucial assistance which will support WWF-Malaysia's urgent conservation efforts, including the protection of the Malayan tiger.



Spread "Save The Malayan Tiger" messages. Post, tweet, subscribe, and share all Malayan tiger conservation news.


Purchase products made from sustainable materials like FSC certified paper products or RSPO certified palm oil.

The Malayan tiger needs our help now
more than ever! Everyone can make a difference!

There is no effort too small, no help too little.

Let’s start right here, right now, before it is too late.

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Live Wild & Prosper 

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