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26 August - 2 October 2022  |  9am - 12am daily

Introducing the latest art installation in conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, inspired by traditional oriental doors and windows with a twist.

Giant Full Moon beyond the Moon Door_edited.jpg

Beyond the sublime installation is a message for all visitors – to learn from the past, embrace the present, and seize the opportunities in the future.

When one door closes, another opens;

but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

- Alexander Graham Bell 



At the main entrance, visitors will be greeted by an astounding structure, an artwork in collaboration with award-winning architectural designer and artist, Pamela Tan of Poh Sin Studio


The ethereal appearance of the floating frames reflects the heritage of our past while similarly projecting bountiful hope and optimism for a brighter future. 


With Kwai Chai Hong lending itself as the historical background, it serves as a reminder to preserve the Chinese cultural heritage amidst a rapidly changing world.

"In my journey as an architectural designer and artist, I value experiences that allow me to take part in the community which essentially is about sharing responsibility. Kwai Chai Hong freezes time for us to appreciate the past and welcome the future. With that, I want my artwork to interact with the surroundings while engaging visitors for a captivating experience celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival."

Pamela Tan Portrait with her installation - 'Endless Frames'.jpg

Pamela Tan



To complement the theme, vibrant ‘Moonlit Doors’ take over the laneway, chartering a path to the full moon on display.

The colours of the frames add a twist to the traditional look, paying homage to paper lanterns available during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

These doors symbolise the many opportunities and hope life has to offer and those who take action will reap its benefits.

Moonlit Doors along the Kwai Chai Hong laneway.jpg

Learn from the past,

embrace the present,

and seize the future.

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